Vi er stolte af at fortælle, at RIB har indgået vores første MTWO MSP partnerskab med amerikanske ICS, som er Microsoft certificeret partner. 


Siden april 2018 har RIB og Microsoft indgået et samarbejde om et fælles projekt som vi kalder MTWO - verdens største vertikale cloud til bygge- og ejendomsbranchen. Det nye strategiske samarbejde er første skridt på vejen mod et globalt MTWO partner netværk.

MTWO skal udrulles internationalt gennem globale MSP partner netværk og derigennem bidrage med 100.000 brugere i Microsoft's community de første to år og 2 mio. brugere på sigt. Det forventes, at RIB indgår 3-5 nye partnerskaber inden året er omme. 

Læs hele nyheden nedenfor.

We are very excited to have ICS as our first MSP partner from Redmond. Redmond is the heart of Microsoft, and cradle of the greatest technologies in the world. The signing with ICS in the most exciting place marks the great kick-off of our global network 4.0 development. RIB will be developing more MSP partners in the rest of the world to offer MTWO platform to construction and real estate companies, enabling them to stay competitive in the digital economy.
— Tom Wolf, Chairman and CEO of RIB

This is the most significant step forward following the MTWO initiative with Microsoft and capital increase in H1 2018. The agreement marks the milestone of RIB entering the next leap of development – forming a global RIB iTWO partner network to achieve higher targets and develop the company from a SME to a large enterprise. Our target is to win 3 to 5 MSP partners in 2018. 

The investment of RIB in ICS Support confirms our excellent market position as a full-service partner for companies which utilize state of the art IT solutions to improve their business. We look forward to working with the RIB team and we are confident that we will achieve the target of over 10,000 MTWO users in the first 24 months of our collaboration. Our team is excited for the growth opportunities and ready to start the transformation process in the construction and real estate industries.
— Jeff Mack, Founder and President of ICS Support

Being one of the leading managed services providers located in the west coast of the US, ICS joins the MTWO partner network with their decades of successful proven business concept in digital transformation always using most advanced technology trends. As the first MTWO partner, ICS will promote MTWO technology in the US West Coast Area and target to win fast 10,000 MTWO Users


To accelerate the development of ICS, RIB decided to invest US$ 1 million, equivalent to 40% shares in the company, mainly utilized in developing the MTWO team, building up ready to go “best practice” products for selected target groups, and penetrating the market as fast as possible. The first year’s target of 10,000 users is expected in the long term to bring up to US$ 6 million EBITDA to RIB every year based on the estimated EBITDA of Euro 500/user/year. 


Since April of 2018, RIB and Microsoft has joined forces to deliver MTWO - the world's #1 vertical cloud for the construction and real estate industry, aiming to help enterprises in the industry to drive productivity gains through digital transformation. In order to accelerate the international roll-out of the MTWO technology, RIB is committed to developing its global MSP partner network and leveraging Microsoft's partner community to win 100,000 users in the first two years and up to 2 million users in the midterm. The signing with ICS executes a great step toward RIB's target to develop 3-5 MSP partners in Q4 this year.